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The Board is upgrading Modria to allow parties to search the Board’s final decisions. The Board anticipates all decisions issued on or after September 13, 2014 will be searchable by August 15, 2022. A search guide is available on the Board’s website under the Forms tab. 


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The Board is amending Ohio Adm.Code 5717-1-16, which governs hearings.
As amended, subsection (J) will now read as follows:

(J) The Ohio Rules of Evidence shall apply in merit hearings unless
inconsistent with these rules, inconsistent with other binding law, or as justice so requires.

The Board anticipates the amendment will be effective on January 1, 2023.

The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals provides Taxpayers, corporate entities and governmental entities with ta non-partisan forum in which to resolve tax disputes. The board resolves appeals from final determinations of the Tax Commissioner, county boards of revisions, county budget commissions, and municipal boards of appeal. As Ohio's administrative tax court focusing exclusively on tax issues, the board relieves an overburdened state judicial system and has the expertise to resolve complicated tax issues thoroughly and effectively.
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BTA Online Appeals Sytem
The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals has an online case management system. This system allows users to create a BTA account, and then manage their appeal online. You can file or update an appeal, track changes to your case, and receive electronic notifications all in one place. It's fast, free, and easy to use.
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The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals has Created an educational guide to help potential appeal filers to understand the benefits and costs of filing an appeal at the BTA
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Understanding the tax appeal process will help you make informed decisions about whether to file an appeal. To learn more, see below links.

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