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Mission Statement and Customer Service Standards of the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals

The mission of the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals, as Ohio’s administrative tax court, is to provide taxpayers and taxing authorities with an accessible, fair and efficient appeals process and to resolve appeals in a timely and judicious manner by facilitating settlement or by issuing comprehensive written decisions, which are based upon Ohio statutes, case law, and board precedent.
The board strives to provide the highest level of customer service possible, and has established the following standards:
1. Establish case management schedules at the time an appeal is docketed in the board's case management system
2. Provide real-time case updates via electronic communication to registered users of the board's online case management system
3. While prohibited from providing legal advice to potential or active parties to an appeal, the board strives to provide thorough educational content on the tax appeals process, and access to relevant forms in an electronic format